Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability coverage is a key component of your success and AP Group makes it easy and affordable.

When you select coverage through AP Group, you receive coverage through an experienced team of professionals that specialize in providing Professional Liability insurance from the leading providers in the industry.  Some of the Professional Liability benefits that AP Group offers include:

  • Flexible coverage limits
  • Legal team specializing in dental malpractice
  • Claims made & occurrence policy forms
  • Consent to settle provision
  • Practice-based pricing
  • Risk management support
  • Credits for part-time practitioners
  • Savings for claims-free practices
  • Risk management credits

There are many things to consider when evaluating coverage options.  Asset Protection Group offers proven experience when choosing the right level of coverage for your practice. Our approach is to meet the unique needs of each practice by offering an experienced and knowledgeable staff, high-quality and competitively priced products, and thoughtful, attentive service.

For more information or to request coverage, please contact our offices at (800) 644-9840 or click here for additional contact options.


No Fees for Our Analysis


At AP Group, we take each new client's needs into consideration when we develop an insurance plan.  While many of our competitors charge for a review, we believe a No Fee Analysis is the right thing to do.

To get your No Fee Analysis with one of our insurance professionals, please contact us today!
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