Auto and Home Coverage

Your home and your auto are two of your most expensive purchases.  Asset Protection Group provides a wide variety of coverage to ensure these assets are properly protected.  By working with a wide variety of insurance carriers, AP Group can offer the tailored insurance coverage for your individual situation.

We specialize in:

-  Personal Automobile Coverage
-  Homeowners Insurance
-  Personal Umbrella & Excess Coverage
-  Personal Article Coverage (Jewelry, Fine Arts, Furs, etc.)
-  Boat Insurance
-  Motorcycle Insurance
-  Renters Insurance

Asset Protection Group offers competitive Home and Auto policies.  For more information or to request coverage, please contact our offices at (800) 644-9840 or click here for additional contact options.

No Fees for Our Analysis


At AP Group, we take each new client's needs into consideration when we develop an insurance plan.  While many of our competitors charge for a review, we believe a No Fee Analysis is the right thing to do.

To get your No Fee Analysis with one of our insurance professionals, please contact us today!
(800) 644-9840