New Practices

At Asset Protection Group, we want to be your partner throughout a long and rewarding career.  We offer a wealth of knowledge, experience and support as you set up and grow your practice.  We have experience in working with practice consultants and banking institutions as you explore the options of buying an existing practice or setting up a new practice from scratch.  We can help you with:

  • Satisfying collateral assignments
  • Interpreting insurance requirements in lease agreements
  • Projecting insurance costs for individual and group benefits
  • Certificates of insurance requirements
  • Credentialing requirements
  • Builder's Risk protection
  • One stop shopping

Our team of professionals want to make your new venture process as stress free and efficient as possible.  We have helped hundreds of professionals over the years as they established their new practice and have enjoyed watching them grow.  Click here if you are interested in receiving more information.

No Fees for Our Analysis


At AP Group, we take each new client's needs into consideration when we develop an insurance plan.  While many of our competitors charge for a review, we believe a No Fee Analysis is the right thing to do.

To get your No Fee Analysis with one of our insurance professionals, please contact us today!
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